Saturday, 29 June 2013

Food for all - where is the Justice

  • Wet eyelids open for tears to rain
    to tell the story of each thrown grain
    whose life has eternally gone in vain

    otherwise could have quenched the hunger
    cruel hands, thoughtless before the blunder
    could have fed the hungry one or the other

    Hungry, fighting with dogs on the street
    to pick a grain or two in strewn banana plates
    Trying to fill the belly that is hungry and flat.

    Haves who have more have more of ego
    havenots look around with nowhere to go
    Filled pockets throw out empty hands in deceit

    Haves don't have a sharing heart and mind
    Half bellys cannot give even if are kind
    for what they have is in-apt till the day end

    Alas ! is there an end to the crave of food
    Queen's law intends all to get food and bread
    But the poor get ten of the spent hundred
    and rest reaches the silken layers of her bed.

    Ravi Tirumalai 

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